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"It is hard to get more immersive than this... An unsettling, dreamlike experience punctuated by sheer delight as the intricacies of Aldisert’s creation revealed themselves."

Anna James, The Stage, Top 50 Shows of 2023

“The show has burrowed itself into our subconscious to a degree we didn't know a piece of theatre could.


In the simplest possible terms, this is the best immersive show of 2024, and it may take many more years for anything else to come close to it.”

- Graham Fitzgerald, Immersive Rumours

“I am lost for words, and that does not happen. That is one of the best things I’ve ever seen.”

Owen Kingston, Artistic Director, Parabolic Theatre

"Every bit as strange,

heart-poundingly surreal and dreamlike

as the most magical Punchdrunk show,

but within that it gives you genuine agency,

all without breaking the spell."

Katy Naylor, Voidspace, in Broadway World

“Ingenious… Mind-boggling…

Completely bewildering…

I didn’t want it to end.

Sam Booth, Actor, The Burnt City

"this experience feels like something that Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch and Damon Lindelof might have come up with if they had Edgar Allan Poe, MC Esher and Salvador Dali throwing in ideas from time to time."

Franco Milazzo, Broadway World

“An adventure into the avant garde… It really does leave a surreal, indelible mark like a vivid dream.”

Caiti Grove, London Theatre Reviews

“Scary, exciting, wonderful, overwhelming, and thrilling. I’ve never seen anything quite like that.”

Zoe Flint, Artistic Associate, Parabolic Theatre

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