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Olivia Steele in The Manikins: A Work in Progress

"Genuinely new...

It is hard to get more immersive than this."

Anna James, The Stage: Top 50 Shows of 2023


"A dark, mystery-laden masterpiece."

Franco Milazzo, Broadway World

Mind-boggling… I didn’t want it to end.”

Sam Booth, Actor, The Burnt City

The best immersive show of 2024... it may take many more years for anything else to come close to it.”

Immersive Rumours

June 3 - July 7


Welcome to the office of
Dr. Ligotti

You are his patient, in therapy for your vivid nightmares.


Or are you the participant in an experimental immersive experience?


The Manikins: a work in progress is NOT a work in progress.


It is a ninety-minute performance by two actors for you, its single audience member and protagonist.


It is a labyrinthine conspiracy, a cold war between dream and reality, a constantly transforming psychedelic world that slips like sand between your fingers. 


Seize it while you can.

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